As a specialized technical services provider, INT BH, provides a wide range of services related to the construction and facilities management industries. We provide efficient services aimed at providing our clients with the best, and most cost effective solutions, covering IT-networks and systems, electrical installation and mechanical components, for today’s modern buildings.

The construction and maintenance of today’s buildings are increasingly becoming specialized, connected, and sophisticated, in order to provide cost reductions, and environmental sustainability. INT BH provides the right services to implement and maintain these specialized systems.

We offer

Our implementation and installation services cover electrical, mechanical, information technology, and specialized installation services. Our workforce is equipped to handle routine tasks, such as: cable pulling & termination , network & wlan setup, setup of building automation, LED wall & screen installations, elevator installations, as well as, highly specialized installations, such as, laser light, beacons, large scale clocks, and other special structures.

INT BH offers operation and maintenance of electrical, mechanical, IT, and special systems. Given the chance, we operate and maintain any system/building, covering all aspects from personnel, safety programs, scheduled maintenance, emergency repairs, to the supply chain of material and parts. INT BH has the manpower to fulfil all these requirements, without having to subcontract the work, thus providing the client with a single point of contact.

In order to facilitate a complete handover process for our clients, we offer our quality control / testing & commissioning service. We have specially dedicated electrical, mechanical, civil, architectural, and IT teams, who will thoroughly inspect and identify any issues before the handover is completed.


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